About Us

Meet Courtney and Rob, Ontario teachers with a decade of experience across various grades and subjects, who are the dedicated duo behind Super Simple Sheets. With a shared passion for education and a desire to support busy teachers across Canada, we've crafted a collection of units designed to align seamlessly with provincial curriculums.

Our journey began with a search for the perfect Christmas play, leading Rob to craft his own and share it on Teachers Pay Teachers. That moment sparked our mission: to provide low-prep, curriculum-aligned units that save teachers time without sacrificing student engagement.

Our resources, available on Teachers Pay Teachers and our website, are designed with busy educators in mind, offering straightforward, engaging materials that meet provincial curriculums with ease. We're constantly refining our units and developing new ones to ensure your classroom is always equipped with the best.

As a team, we're dedicated to enhancing your teaching experience, one unit at a time. Join us in making education both manageable and engaging. Courtney and Rob are more than just founders; we're your partners in education, dedicated to helping teachers one unit at a time.