Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies - Full Year Bundle

Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies - Full Year Bundle

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Alberta Social Studies Curriculum - Grade 2. This product was created to cover all of the expectations in the Alberta Social Studies Grade 2 curriculum.


There are 225+ activity sheets that cover the learning standards in the social studies curriculum. This unit contains readings, cut and paste activities, assignments and a variety of fun activities – colouring sheets, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true/false, and more!


Check out the previews of these units to learn more about how it can benefit your students. We know you will love this no-prep, just print or upload to Google, time-saving resource!


2.1 Canada’s Dynamic Communities

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • All about Canada
  • Inuit, Acadian, and Prairie Communities in Canada
  • Inuit communities in Canada – climate and location
  • Surviving the Cold – Inuit way of life
  • Story – Surviving the Cold
  • Inuit communities – moving around (dogsled, snowmobile, snowshoes, kayak)
  • Labrador Inuit Community – Way of life
  • Labrador Inuit Ceremony – Tunngavik
  • Activity – Inuit Throat Singing
  • Inukshuks – reading and questions
  • Activity – Building a clay Inukshuk
  • Jobs in Inuit communities
  • Acadians in Canada
  • Acadian climates
  • Acadian culture and way of life
  • Acadian French Language
  • Story – Day in the Life of an Acadian
  • Activity – Playing an Acadian game – “Le Lancer de Pierre”
  • Activity – Learning Acadian dances
  • History – Joseph Broussard
  • Acadians – Jobs and natural resources
  • Prairie communities – Metis, First Nations, and European settlers
  • Climate in the prairies
  • Blackfoot communities – way of life
  • Activity – Building a Blackfoot shelter (Tipi)
  • Activity – Blackfoot Dreamcatcher
  • Blackfoot Hero – Chief Crowfoot
  • Storytelling – Little Fox’s Adventure
  • Ukraine community on the Prairies
  • Preparing land for crops
  • Story – Life on the Prairies
  • Natural resources on the Prairies
  • Jobs on the prairies
  • Activities – Word scramble and word search
  • Unit Test
  • Answer pages for all activities


2.2 A Community in the Past

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • What is a community?
  • Which communities do you belong to?
  • Describe your community
  • The Indigenous People of Canada
  • Treaties in Canada and Alberta
  • Alberta before settlers
  • Indigenous groups in your community
  • Immigration to Canada
  • Fur trade – early settlers
  • Research – forts in your area
  • Activity – Building a Model Fort
  • Important features of a community
  • History of Lethbridge, Alberta
  • History of your community
  • Immigrant families
  • Where your ancestors came from
  • Religious families
  • Places of worship in your community
  • Assignment – religious buildings near you
  • Religious holidays in your community
  • Ordering religious holidays
  • Special days in Canada – Canadian culture
  • Kwanzaa, Diwali, Passover
  • Foods from different cultures
  • Restaurants and grocery stores selling international foods
  • Festivals in your community
  • Winterlude, Calgary Stampede, Celtic Colours Festival
  • Fall festivals
  • Canadian Tulip Festival
  • Heritage – values, traditions, culture, and artifacts
  • Heritage Stories – Netherlands and Francophone Stories
  • Activity – Recipes From My Heritage
  • Story – Multiculturalism in Alberta
  • Changing communities – Businesses opening and closing
  • Multiculturalism in your community
  • Activities – Word scramble and word search
  • Unit Test
  • Answer pages for all activities


This is a comprehensive bundle that will save you hours of planning! It has been tested and found effective in helping students achieve the learning outcomes in the social studies curriculum.