BC Social Studies Grade 3 Full Year Bundle

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Grade 3 – British Columbia (BC) Social Studies Curriculum – Global Indigenous Peoples. This product was created to cover the elaborations and big ideas in the British Columbia (BC) Social Studies Grade 3 Curriculum – Global Indigenous Peoples.


There are 167 activity sheets that cover the learning standards in the social studies curriculum. This unit contains readings, colouring sheets, activities, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true/false, and more!


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Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Who are Indigenous Groups?
  • Important Indigenous symbols
  • First Nations in Canada and BC
  • Haida First Nation
  • Haida Ceremony – Potlatch
  • Activity – Creating Haida Masks
  • Totem poles: Tall stories from BC
  • Eagle Totem Pole in Alert Bay
  • Activity – Making a totem pole
  • Coast Salish governance system
  • Who are the Metis?
  • Inuit communities in Canada
  • Surviving the cold – Inuit story
  • Inuit transportation – moving around
  • Labrador Inuit community
  • Inuit ceremony – Tunngavik
  • Inuit artifact – Inukshuk
  • Activity – making a clay Inukshuk
  • Natural resources in Inuit communities
  • Weapons used by Canadian Indigenous groups
  • Indigenous petroglyphs
  • Haida creation story
  • Mapping continents in the world
  • American Indigenous groups – Inca, Aztec, Mayan, and Andean groups
  • Inca culture and farming technologies
  • Game – Inca harvest game
  • The Andean people – culture and way of life
  • Aztec culture and way of life
  • Story – Collecting artifacts
  • Mayan culture and daily life
  • Mayan number system
  • Inca and Aztec educational system
  • Zhuang people – culture and daily life
  • Hui people – culture and daily life
  • Manchu people – culture and daily life
  • Manchu government system
  • Germanic people – culture and way of life
  • Slavic Indigenous group – culture and how they respected the environment
  • Celtic people – culture and daily life
  • Unit Test
  • Answer pages for all activities


This is a comprehensive unit that will save you hours of planning! It has been tested and found effective in helping students achieve the learning standards in the social studies curriculum.