Manitoba - Grade 3 Social Studies - FULL YEAR BUNDLE

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Grade 3 – Manitoba Social Studies Curriculum – This bundle was created to cover the outcomes in all clusters of the Social Studies curriculum.


There are 645+ activity sheets that cover the learning standards in the social studies curriculum. This comprehensive bundle contains readings, hands-on activities, true/false, diagrams, reflections, word searches and more. We’ve presented the material in a variety of text forms, including reports, news articles, blog posts, and stories. There is also a unit test and answer pages for all activities!

Cluster 1: Connecting With Canadians

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Being a Canadian Citizen
  • Story: Understanding Rights and Responsibilities
  • Spelling Bee – Rights and Responsibilities
  • The Meaning of Membership in a Community
  • Community Roles and Responsibilities
  • Activity – Class Charter of Rights And Responsibilities
  • Fact or Fiction – Rights And Responsibilities
  • Newspaper Article: Community Contributions
  • Activity – Canadian Communities Tableau
  • Story: Our Shared Canadian Values
  • Activity – Community Hero Presentations
  • Learning Canada's National Anthem
  • Canada's National Anthem in Different Languages
  • The Many Factors of Personal Identity
  • Activity – Identity Time Capsule
  • Blog Post: Influences on Personal Identity
  • Show and Tell – Personal Identity and Heritage
  • Fact or Fiction – Personal Identity
  • Story: Languages of Canada
  • Newspaper Article: Canadian Symbols
  • Identifying Canadian Symbols
  • Activity – Canadian Symbols
  • The Role of Francophone Communities in Canada
  • Formal vs. Informal Leaders
  • Activity – Word Search On Leadership And Community
  • Activity – Leadership Skits
  • Story: Respecting Leadership and Elders
  • Activity: Leadership Role Play
  • Leadership in Canadian History
  • Activity – "I Am a Leader" Badges
  • Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • Activity: Conflict Resolution Role Play
  • Blog Post: Bullying and Its Impact
  • Activity – Bullying Prevention Posters
  • Story: The Importance of Remembrance Day
  • Remembrance Day Trivia Card
  • Newspaper Article: Peace and Conflict
  • Activity – Poppy Art for Remembrance Day
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Cluster 2: Exploring Experiences

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Introduction To The World Map
  • Exploring Continents And Oceans
  • Mapping the Continents of the World
  • Oceans – Mapping Activity
  • The Equator Prime Meridian
  • Cardinal Directions – Canada and the World
  • World Map – Countries - Canada
  • Activity – Mapping The World Pictionary
  • Activity – Geography Bee
  • The Equator and Hemispheres
  • Newspaper Article: Global Geography and Climate
  • Memory Game: Global Geography
  • Understanding Maps and Globes
  • Activity – Maps and Earth from Above
  • Community Types and Borders
  • Japanese Community – Day in the Life
  • Comparing Japanese Community to Mine
  • Chinese Community – Day in the Life
  • Comparing the Chinese Community to Mine
  • Russian Community – Day in the Life
  • Comparing Russian Community to Mine
  • Global Community Connections
  • Activity – Appreciating Global Connections
  • Show and Tell – Global Community Connections
  • Story: Accepting Differences
  • Blog Post: Appreciating Global Connections
  • Activity – Word Search on Global Communities
  • Story: Cultural Traditions Around the World
  • International Foods and Cuisines
  • World Languages and Communication
  • Basic Human Rights Introduction
  • Activity: Human Rights Role Play
  • Organizations Supporting Human Rights
  • Activity – Community and Fairness Tableau
  • Fact or Fiction – Community Services and Equality
  • Story: Equality of All Beings
  • Global Concerns
  • Activity – Global Concerns Brainstorm
  • Newspaper Article: Global Environmental Challenges
  • Spelling Bee – Rights And Responsibilities
  • Activity – New Vocabulary Snowman
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Cluster 3: Communities of the World

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Exploring World Maps
  • Spelling Bee – Geography
  • Activity – World Map Adventures
  • Natural Phenomena and Communities
  • Fact or Fiction – Environmental Impacts
  • Living with the Land
  • Activity – Living With The Land Tableau
  • Impact of Climate on Communities
  • Activity – Weather Around The World Journal
  • Story: Traditions Connecting Us to the Land
  • Global Resources Trivia Card
  • Story: Impact of Environment on Work and Technology
  • Global Natural Resources and Their Uses
  • Activity – Resource Use Around The World Skits
  • Newspaper Article: Technologies Inspired by Nature
  • Meeting Needs in Diverse Communities
  • Fact or Fiction – Community Needs
  • Newspaper Article: Media Perceptions of The World
  • Story: Valuing Community Contributions
  • Blog Post: Community Roles and Responsibilities
  • Activity: Environmental Heroes Role Play
  • Daily Life in Different Cultures
  • Activity: Daily Life Around The World Role Play
  • Cultural Diversity and Daily Life
  • Homes Around the Globe
  • Blog Post: Food And Culture
  • What is Culture?
  • Activity – Capture The Flag
  • Newspaper Article: Cultural Protocols and Respect
  • Expressions of Culture
  • Memory Game: Global Cultural Symbols
  • Show and Tell – Family Heritage
  • Blog Post: Understanding Cultural Diversity
  • Activity – Around the World Kickball
  • Story: Global Festivals And Celebrations
  • Story: Clothing Across Cultures
  • Language and Stories as Cultural Expression
  • A Lion Tale: Kito's Brave Encounter
  • Art and Music in Diverse Cultures
  • Origami Boat, Origami Fox, Origami Dinosaur
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Cluster 4: Exploring An Ancient Society

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • A Day in Ancient Egypt
  • Activity: A Day In Ancient Egypt Role Play
  • The Roman Family
  • Activity – Ancient Daily Life Journal
  • Ancient Clothing and Fashion
  • Story: Ancient Greek Celebrations
  • Activity: Greek Festival Celebrations
  • Activities – Traditional Ancient Games – Senet and Knucklebones
  • Food and Agriculture in Ancient Societies
  • Activity – Ancient Recipes Cooking Class
  • Ancient Societies: The Mayan Hierarchy
  • Life In Ancient Times Trivia Card
  • Newspaper Article: Religious Beliefs and Practices
  • Blog Post: The Education of Spartan Youth
  • Fact or Fiction – Daily Life In Ancient Times
  • Activity – Create Your Own Ancient Society
  • Drawing Contest – Ancient Societies' Homes
  • Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Activity – Ancient Architecture Models
  • Story: Greek Myths and Storytelling
  • Fact or Fiction – Ancient Myths
  • Music and Dance in Ancient Cultures
  • Story: Storytelling and History in Indigenous Cultures
  • Newspaper Article: Ancient Architectural Wonders
  • Activities – Ancient Wonders Jeopardy and Ancient Artifacts Pictionary
  • The Olympics: Then and Now
  • Newspaper Article: Roman Roads and Engineering
  • Activity – Word Search on Ancient Contributions
  • Inventions from Ancient China
  • The Mayan Calendar
  • Blog Post: Ancient Societies and the Environment
  • Writing Systems: From Hieroglyphs to Alphabets
  • Sumerian Cuneiform
  • Blog Post: The Role of Women in Ancient Societies
  • Trade and Economy in the Ancient World
  • Ancient Astronomy and Navigation
  • Story: The Silk Road: Connecting Cultures
  • Ancient Systems of Government
  • Spelling Bee – Ancient Societies
  • Unit Test – Exploring An Ancient Society
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

This is a comprehensive bundle that will save you hours of planning! It has been tested and found effective in helping students achieve the learning outcomes in the social studies curriculum.

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