NEW 2023 Ontario Language - Grade 1 - Composition

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Grade 1 - New Ontario 2023 Language Curriculum – Composition: Expressing Ideas and Creating Texts Strand. This resource covers all expectations and learning goals in the Grade 1, 2023 Ontario Language Curriculum – Composition: Expressing Ideas and Creating Texts Strand.

 There are 391 activity sheets that are aligned to cover all expectations in the NEW Ontario 2023 Language Curriculum. Included are 10 blocks of content, each covering a different text form. Within each block, the overall and specific expectations are met.

 This is a language program developed by a language teacher. We have included exemplars for students to formulate success criteria so they can improve their writing quality. Moreover, we’ve chunked the progressions involved with producing quality writing to ensure all students can progress.

 Included in this unit are the overall expectations:

D1. Developing Ideas and Organizing Content: hands-on activities, group work, and many independent work opportunities to develop these skills

 D2. Creating Texts – printing practice and writing assignments

 D3. Publishing, Presenting, and Reflecting – group work revision activities, success criteria, and rubrics as well as opportunities for students to present and reflect on their work.

 We have also covered Strand A in Language - Literacy Connections and Applications. We have included curriculum connections for all our activities, so you can see exactly what you will be covering by completing each activity. We know this will help you when writing report cards!

 In addition, we have included a full-year long range plan that outlines what concepts from the curriculum you will be teaching each week.

 Some of the concepts covered:

  • Letter Formation Practice: Correct patterns, size, spacing
  • Word Printing Activities: Emphasizing placement and clarity
  • Basic Sentence Structure: Fundamental sentence-writing guidelines
  • Descriptive Sentence Development: Enhancing simple sentences
  • Scrambled Sentences: Organizing jumbled words correctly
  • Writing in Voices: Expressing different tones
  • Sentence Picture Prompts: Visual writing inspiration
  • Paragraph Writing Basics: Main idea focus
  • Topic Sentence Crafting: Starting paragraphs effectively
  • Concluding Sentence Techniques: Ending paragraphs clearly
  • Paragraph Publishing Steps: Editing and finalizing
  • Text Form Exploration: Discovering writing varieties
  • Idea Brainstorming Methods: Generating creative content
  • Mind Mapping: Visual idea organization
  • Procedural Writing Structure: Step-by-step instruction writing
  • Sequencing Tasks: Ordering instructions logically
  • Publishing Instructions: Finalizing procedural texts
  • Formal Letter Framework – Using appropriate greeting, signature
  • Informal Letter Style
  • Understanding Writing Voices: Audience-tailored writing
  • Narrative Elements: Setting and characters
  • Expressing Emotions: Describing feelings in writing
  • Narrative Structure: Beginning, middle, end
  • Publishing Narratives: Revising personal stories
  • Opinion Debate Prep: Discussing varied topics
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Strengthening arguments
  • Persuasive Fact Finding: Researching to convince
  • Publishing Opinions: Finalizing persuasive texts
  • Poetry Writing: Acrostic, haiku, limericks
  • Report Crafting: Research, structure, publish
  • Answer pages for all activities

 This is a comprehensive unit that will save you hours of planning! It has everything you need to feel confident that you are covering the NEW Ontario Language curriculum.