NEW 2023 Ontario Language - Grade 2 - Foundations of Language

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Grade 2 - New Ontario 2023 Language Curriculum – Foundations of Language Strand. This resource covers all expectations and learning goals in the Grade 2, 2023 Ontario Language Curriculum – Foundations of Language Strand.

 There are 463 activity sheets that align perfectly to cover all expectations in the NEW Ontario 2023 Language Curriculum. Included are 30 weeks of activities that cover the curriculum strategically, allowing teachers to use spiral teaching to ensure they are covering the entire curriculum.

 With the focus of the new curriculum on explicit teaching of vocabulary and Science of Reading methods, we have created 30 word lists for students to study. Your students will work with a different vowel sound each week as well as focus on a specific phoneme.

 Included in this unit are the overall expectations:

B1: Oral and Non-Verbal Communication – over 10 activities/assignments to cover all specific expectations

 B2: Language Foundations for Reading and Writing – included in the weekly activities, students will perform word work to improve their spelling, reading strategies, fluency, and vocabulary.

 B3: Language Conventions for Reading and Writing – included in the weekly activities, students will learn about parts of speech, grammar, capitalization and punctuation.

 We have also covered Strand A in Language - Literacy Connections and Applications. We have included curriculum connections for all our activities, so you can see exactly what you will be covering by completing each activity. We know this will help when writing report cards!

 In addition, we have included a full-year long range plan that outlines what concepts from the curriculum you will be teaching each week, and what prefixes/suffixes/letter blends will be covered.

 Some of the concepts covered:

  • Base Words
  • Common Suffixes (e.g., -ing, -ed, -er)
  • Common Prefixes (e.g., un-, re-, dis-)
  • Position-based Tendencies (e.g., I before E, Q and then U)
  • Bossy E (Magic E) Concept
  • Soft and Hard Sounds – C and G
  • Different Letter Sound: Y as a Vowel or Consonant
  • Decoding Monosyllabic Words
  • Word Families & Rhyming Words
  • Decoding Strategy: Using Context
  • Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Reading Accuracy: Words & Sentences
  • Pacing in Paragraph Reading & Reading Punctuation
  • Strategies for Expressive Reading Aloud
  • Types of Sentences - Interrogative, Imperative, Declarative, and Exclamatory
  • Using Different Punctuation
  • Parts of Speech Overview (e.g., Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Prepositions)
  • Personal Pronouns: Usage and Examples
  • Compound Sentences & Conjunctions (FANBOYS)
  • Capitalization Rules (e.g., Start of a Sentence, Proper Nouns)
  • Punctuation Rules (e.g., Apostrophes, Commas in Lists, Quotation Marks)
  • Fluency Readings – One For Each Week To Practice Reading Vocabulary Words
  • Fun Weekly Word Work – Wordsearch, Crossword, Coding, Hidden Word, Sudokus
  • Oral Communication – Simon Says, Story Recap, Active Listening Circles, Topic Jar
  • Oral Communication – Charades, Facial Expression Circle, Expression Says
  • Oral Communication – Vocabulary Relay, Grammar Police, Descriptive Storytelling
  • Weekly quizzes (30 different assessments)
  • Answer pages for all activities

 This is a comprehensive unit that will save you hours of planning! It has everything you need to feel confident that you are covering the NEW Ontario Language curriculum.