Ontario Catholic Religion - Grade 3 Full Year Bundle

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This bundle was created to cover the all of the expectations in the Ontario Catholic School Religion Grade 3 curriculum. All 6 strands: Celebrating, Believing, Living in Solidarity, Living in Communion, Living a Moral Life, and Praying have been covered to save time for busy teachers! Students will practice literacy skills while demonstrating their understanding of the subject material. This comprehensive bundle contains readings, hands-on activities, true/false, diagrams, reflections, word searches, role plays, and more. We’ve presented the material in a variety of text forms, including reports, news articles, blog posts, and stories. There is also a unit test for each strand and answer pages for all activities!


 Specifically, the following curriculum expectations have been covered:

Strand 1: Believing

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Activity Title: Word Scramble
  • Blog Post: The Holy Spirit and the Start of Everything
  • Fact or Fiction – Knowing the Holy Spirit
  • Story: A Special Friendship: Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Activity – Holy Spirit Pictionary
  • Understanding the Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Activity Title: Fruits of the Spirit Fruit Salad
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Symbols of the Holy Spirit
  • Activity Title: Holy Spirit Wind Chimes
  • Who Is Mary?
  • Blog Post: Meeting Mary, Mother of Jesus
  • Mary's Courage at the Cross
  • Activity – Reenacting the Annunciation
  • Story: Mary and the First Followers
  • Activity – Pentecost Play
  • Activity Title: Mapping Mary's Journey
  • Story: Mary's Many Titles
  • Fact or Fiction – Exploring Mary’s Life
  • Understanding the Rosary
  • Activity Title: Rosary Bead Creation
  • Honouring Mary in Different Ways
  • Spreading the Good News
  • Activity Title: Gospel Message in a Bottle
  • Story: The Windy Day of Wonders
  • Story: Sally and the Big Church Puzzle
  • The Church: A Family of Faith
  • The Church Teaches Us
  • Helping Hands: The Laity in the Church
  • The Guide to Being Happy
  • Activity – New Vocabulary Snowman
  • Spelling Bee – Religious Vocabulary
  • Unit Test – Religion: Believing
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 Strand 2: Celebrating

  • What Are Sacraments?
  • Activity – Sacrament Symbols Pictionary
  • What is Baptism?
  • What is the Eucharist?
  • Fact or Fiction – Eucharist Myths Unveiled
  • What is Confirmation?
  • What is Reconciliation?
  • What is Anointing of the Sick?
  • What is Matrimony?
  • What is Holy Orders?
  • Spelling Bee – Sacramental Vocabulary
  • The Church Teaches Us
  • Role Play: Forgiveness - A Confession Role Play
  • Activity Title: Gratitude and Grace Tree
  • The Real Presence in the Eucharist
  • Understanding Grace
  • Story: The Journey Through the Liturgical Year
  • Memory Game: Liturgical Seasons
  • Jeopardy – Liturgical Year
  • What is Advent?
  • Fact or Fiction – Advent Edition
  • Role Play: Advent Traditions Around the World
  • Story: The Starry Night of Christmas
  • Blog Post: Getting Ready for Big Days with Rituals
  • Story: The Glowing Night of Easter Vigil
  • Activity Title: Planting A Life Easter Garden
  • Blog Post: The Joy of Feast Days
  • Celebrating All Saints and All Souls Day
  • Activity Title: Saintly Medallions
  • Symbols in Catholic Worship
  • Activity Title: Creating Stained Glass Art
  • Story: The Little Light of Grace
  • Story: Sunny's Special Sunday
  • Activity – New Vocabulary Snowman
  • Activity – Word Search Workshop
  • Unit Test – Religion: Celebrating
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 Strand 3: Living a Moral Life

  • What is Moral Law?
  • Activity – New Vocabulary Snowman
  • What Did Jesus Say About the Law?
  • What is Freedom?
  • Activity Title: Freedom Dilemma Discussions
  • Activity – Word Search on Freedom
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Role Play: Decalogue Dilemmas
  • Memory Game: Scriptural Commands
  • Drawing Contest - Poster
  • What is Sin?
  • Fact or Fiction – Understanding Sin
  • Personal and Social Sin
  • Fact or Fiction – Consequences of Choices
  • The Story of the Rich Young Man
  • Adam and Eve's Big Decision
  • Story: Peter and Judas
  • Lessons from Peter and Judas
  • God's Mercy
  • The Church as a Guide
  • Celebrating Forgiveness
  • Role Play: Steps to Reconciliation
  • Respecting Others
  • The Duty of Charity
  • Story: The Magic of Talking to God
  • Story: Timmy's Garden Adventure
  • Activity Title: Virtue Vase Creation
  • Story: The Golden Rule: A Story of Kindness
  • Activity Title: Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Story: The Little Seed: A Story of Life
  • Blog Post: Peer Pressure and Making Moral Decisions
  • Spelling Bee – Moral Vocabulary
  • Blog Post: The Power of Media
  • Unit Test – Religion: Living a Moral Life
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 Strand 4: Living in Communion

  • The Church as a Big Family
  • Pentecost: A Special Day for the Church
  • Activity Title: Holy Spirit Fire Hats
  • The Holy Spirit Helps Us in Special Ways
  • Fact or Fiction – Holy Spirit Myths
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Activity Title: Spiritual Gifts Chain
  • Memory Game: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Holy Spirit Symbols in the Bible
  • Story: The Light Tower
  • Activity Title: Holy Spirit Dove Mobiles
  • The Holy Spirit: Soul of the Church
  • The Church: Seen and Unseen
  • Pentecost: A Special Day for Christians
  • Saints: Guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Activity Title: Saints Biography Cards
  • Fact or Fiction – Saints’ Lives
  • Role Play: Saints Inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • The Church's Mission of Justice and Peace
  • Story: The Festival of Unity
  • Blog Post: Guided by the Spirit in Today’s World
  • The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray
  • Show and Tell: Sacramental Objects
  • Blog Post: The Sweet Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Drawing Contest: Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Activity: Gifts of the Holy Spirit Stars
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Story: The Magical Garden of Charisms
  • Activity Title: Charisms Talent Show
  • Unit Test – Religion: Living in Communion
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 Strand 5: Living in Solidarity

  • The Story of Pentecost
  • Role Play: Acts 2 Pentecost
  • Activity Title: Pentecost Wind Spinners
  • What is the Holy Spirit?
  • Activity Title: Holy Spirit in Daily Life Journal
  • Understanding Prayer
  • What Makes a Community Christian?
  • Fact or Fiction – Roles in Christian Community
  • Role Play: Virtues Inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • Learning from the Good Samaritan
  • Activity Title: Acts of Kindness Board
  • The Church as One Body
  • Vine and Branches
  • Using Our Gifts
  • Activity – Word Search (Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
  • God’s Creation of the World
  • Spelling Bee – Vocabulary from Genesis
  • Drawing Contest: Creation of the World
  • Relationships and Sin
  • The Social Nature of Humans
  • Activity Title: Friendship Bracelets
  • Sacraments Strengthening Relationships
  • Story: Made in God's Image
  • Story: Celebrating Differences
  • Blog Post: Equality and Diversity
  • Fact or Fiction – Human Dignity and Diversity
  • Unit Test – Religion: Living in Solidarity
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 Strand 6: Praying

  • What is Prayer?
  • Mary's Fiat: Her Yes to God
  • Mary's Song of Praise
  • Fact or Fiction – Mary’s Prayers
  • Wedding at Cana: Mary's Intercession
  • Role Play: The Wedding at Cana
  • What is the Lord's Prayer?
  • Abraham's Prayer of Obedience
  • Moses' Intercessory Prayer
  • Memory Game: Bible Prayers
  • David's Hymns of Praise: The Psalms
  • Elijah's Encounter with God
  • Role Play: Elijah and the Whisper of God
  • Spelling Bee – Prayer Vocabulary
  • Jeopardy – Prayer Edition
  • Activity – New Vocabulary Snowman
  • Creating a Prayer Space
  • Story: Gestures in Prayer
  • Story: The Act of Contrition
  • Story: The Little Seed: A Story of Life
  • Blog Post: Holy, Holy, Holy and Memorial Acclamation
  • Blog Post: Lamb of God and Its Meaning
  • Pilgrimage Sites as Prayer Spaces
  • Story: Timmy's Garden Adventure
  • Show and Tell: Saints and Prayers
  • Family Prayer Traditions
  • Role of Priests and Religious Leaders
  • How the Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray
  • Story: Praying as Jesus Taught
  • Unit Test – Religion: Living a Moral Life
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

 This is a comprehensive bundle that will save you hours of planning! It has been tested and found effective in helping students achieve the learning goals in the Religion Curriculum.

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