Ontario Grade 8 Health - Full Year Bundle

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2019 Ontario Health Curriculum – Grade 8 Bundle – This resource covers all expectations and learning goals in the Grade 8, 2019 Ontario Health Curriculum.


This comprehensive bundle contains readings, research assignments, true/false, diagrams, reflections, drawings, word searches, word scrambles and more. There is also a unit test and answer pages for all units!

Healthy Eating

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Introduction to Canada’s Food Guide
  • Your Canada Food Guide Plate
  • Student-Generated Quizzes: Food Guide Fundamentals
  • Pictionary: Healthy Eating Edition
  • The Role of Macronutrients
  • Exploring Micronutrients
  • Understanding Food Labels
  • Drawing Contest: Design Your Own Food Label
  • Research – Favorite Foods
  • Deep Dive - Food Labels
  • Memory Game: Food Label Terms
  • Food Marketing
  • Role Play: Navigating Food Marketing
  • Blog Post: Healthy Hydration
  • DIY Water Bottle Decorating
  • Blog Post: Mindful Eating
  • Show and Tell: Mindful Eating Experiences
  • Story: Mindfulness and Emotional Eating
  • Family Meal Planning and Food Preparation Skills
  • Family Meal Planning Activity
  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • Nutrition Myths and Facts
  • Fact or Fiction? Food Myths Debunked
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
  • Healthy Snacking
  • The Sugar Debate
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Trivia Card Creation: Healthy Eating Challenge
  • Newspaper Article: Technology and Healthy Eating
  • Newspaper Article: The Science of Taste
  • Overcoming Food Allergies
  • Newspaper Article: School Healthy Food Policies
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Restaurant Review Project
  • The Future of Food
  • Sustainable Eating
  • Memory Game: Healthy Habits
  • Spelling Bee: Nutrition Vocabulary
  • Jeopardy-Style Game: Eat Smart
  • Snowman: Decoding Healthy Eating
  • Word Search: Nutrition Edition
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Mental Health

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Introduction to Mental Health and Wellness
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Emotional Pictionary
  • Creating a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Physical Activity and Mental Health
  • Energize Your Day: Morning Exercise Kick-Start
  • The Role of Sleep in Mental Health
  • Screen Time and Sleep
  • Digital Wellness
  • The Digital Detox Challenge
  • Physical Activity and Mental Health
  • Healthy Eating and Mental Health
  • Deep Breathing and Grounding Exercises
  • Breathing Techniques Workshop
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Mindfulness App Exploration
  • Positive Social Interactions
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Mental Wellness Match-Up
  • Support Networks for Wellness
  • Activity - Support Network Mapping
  • High School Transition Stress
  • Expressive Tableaus on Mental Health
  • Cultural Practices and Mental Health
  • Nature and Mental Health
  • Volunteering and Its Impact on Mental Health
  • Fact or Fiction? Coping Strategies Game
  • Goal Setting and Mental Health
  • Wellness Wonders Show and Tell
  • The Stigma of Mental Health
  • Combating Mental Health Stigma
  • Understanding Mental Health Through Role-Play
  • Wellness Clubs and Community Involvement
  • Empathy and Compassion in Mental Health
  • Empathy Role-Playing
  • Mindful Spelling Bee
  • Crafting Mental Health Word Searches
  • Snowman - New Vocabulary
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Personal Safety and Injury Prevention

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • The Science Behind Concussions
  • Pictionary: Concussion Awareness
  • Comprehensive Guide to Concussion Symptoms
  • Role Play: Responding to Injuries
  • Second-Impact Syndrome and Its Prevention
  • Show and Tell: Personal Safety Equipment
  • Healing Minds, Resuming Lives
  • Fact or Fiction? Myths About Concussions and Injuries
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome: Recovery Challenges
  • Model Making: Brain Safety
  • The Risks and Realities of Crash Diets
  • Tattoo and Piercing Impacts
  • Driving Safely, Avoiding Risks
  • The Impact of Joining Gangs on Youth
  • Role Play: Peer Pressure Situations
  • Beauty Fixes' Hidden Costs
  • Crafting a Public Service Announcement
  • Preventing Spinal Injuries
  • Memory Game: Injury Prevention and Safety
  • Water Safety Essentials
  • Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases
  • Understanding Mental Health and Safety
  • Evaluating Safety in Everyday Situations
  • Healthy Relationships and Personal Boundaries
  • Create a Safety Campaign Poster
  • DIY First Aid Kits
  • The Detrimental Effects of Bullying
  • Tackling Violence in Intimate Relationships
  • Combatting Gender-Based Violence and Racially Based Violence
  • The Role of Bystanders in Preventing Violence
  • Role Play: Seeking Help for Violence
  • Emotional Regulation in Conflict Situations
  • Addressing Racially Based Violence
  • Violence Prevention Memory Game
  • Legal Repercussions of Violence
  • Global Safety Laws Geography Bee
  • Fostering a Supportive School Environment
  • Tableaus: Scenes of Support
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Substance Use, Addictions and Related Behaviours

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Understanding Substance Use and Behavioural Changes
  • Pictionary with Substance Use Warning Signs
  • Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Tableaus on Substance Use Scenarios
  • Substance Use & Isolation
  • Quiz Making on Warning Signs and Consequences
  • Substance Use and Academic Impact
  • Trivia Card Creation on Substance Use Facts
  • Drawing Contest on Healthy Lifestyles
  • Substance Use and Gender Violence, Self-Harm, and Mental Illness
  • Substance Use News Article Critique
  • Fact or Fiction? Substance Use Myths
  • Legal Effects of Substance Misuse
  • Role Play on Legal Consequences
  • Legal Risks of Underage Cannabis Use
  • Newspaper Article: Alcohol and Aggressive Behaviour
  • Prescription Medication Risks
  • Understanding Opioid Misuse
  • Illicit Drug Use and Overdose
  • Music and Lyrics Analysis
  • Impaired Decision Making Due to Drug Use
  • The Consequences of Binge Drinking
  • Alcohol Poisoning: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention
  • Impaired Driving: Risks and Consequences
  • The Effects of Impaired Driving on Communities
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Social Connections & Prevention
  • Show and Tell on Recovery Stories
  • Schools vs Substance Use
  • Role Play on Intervention and Support
  • Role Play on Handling Peer Pressure
  • Supporting Struggling Students
  • Drawing Contest on Future Aspirations
  • Memory Game on Substance Use Vocabulary
  • Spelling Bee with Key Terms
  • Show and Tell on Personal Stories
  • Word Search Creation on Substance Use
  • Snowman Game with New Vocabulary
  • Gaming and Gambling Costs
  • Media Influence on Expectations of Intimacy
  • Unit Test
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

Human Development and Sexual Health

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Understanding Personal Limits
  • Understanding Boundaries Through Role Play
  • Peer Pressure and Consent
  • Navigating Curiosity and Desire
  • Impact of Media on Sexual Health Decisions
  • Legal Aspects of Sexual Activity
  • Cultural and Religious Beliefs about Sexuality
  • Family Values & Health Choices
  • Substance Impact on Choices
  • Gender Identity and Self-Concept
  • Positive Self-Concept and Sexual Health
  • Exploring Identity Through Word Search
  • Understanding Sexual Orientation and LGBTQ+
  • Sexual Orientation and Acceptance
  • Contraception and STBBIs
  • STBBI & Contraception Memory Match
  • Abstinence and Its Benefits
  • Developing Self-Awareness and Assertiveness
  • The Concept of Consent
  • Role-Play Scenarios on Consent
  • Healthy Relationships and Sexual Intimacy
  • Building Understanding with Snowman
  • Risks Associated with Sexual Intimacy
  • Support Systems for Sexual Health
  • Mapping Our Support Networks
  • Addressing Sexual Health Myths
  • Fact or Fiction? Relationship Realities
  • Dating Violence and Sexual Exploitation
  • Navigating Choices Together
  • The Emotional Impact of Relationships
  • Health and Harmony Spelling Bee
  • Unit Test – Human Development & Sexual Health
  • Answer Pages For All Activities

This is a comprehensive bundle that will save you hours of planning! It has been tested and found effective in helping students achieve the learning goals in the health curriculum.

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