Ontario - Grade 5 - Social Studies - FULL YEAR BUNDLE

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FULL YEAR BUNDLE! 280+ worksheets and your entire social studies year planned! This bundle covers all expectations in the Ontario Social Studies Grade 5 Curriculum.

Students will practice literacy skills when demonstrating their understanding of the subject material. These sheets were made for cross-curricular connections between language and social studies. Students will make connections, infer, support their answers with evidence from the text, and summarize. Each worksheet contains a reading followed by questions for them to demonstrate their learning. Students will enjoy the matching, true or false, and multiple choice questions.

Strand A: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • Understanding of the term Indigenous (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit)
  • In depth activities for each Indigenous community (Many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit)
  • Daily life and culture of the following First Nations – Algonkin, Wendat, Ojibwe, and Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Oneidas, Onodagas, Cayugas, and Seneca)
  • Haudenosaunee Confederacy – Tree of Peace, Diplomacy, Trading Alliances, Military Alliance, Canada learning Democracy from Haudenosaunee, Grand Council
  • French alliances with the Wendat (Huron) and Algonquin
  • Role of women in First Nations – Clan Mothers in the Haudenosaunee
  • Creation Stories of Indigenous groups (Turtle Island)
  • Three Sisters – Corn, Beans, and Squash
  • Importance of the Buffalo
  • Longhouse and Wigwam Shelters
  • Inuit trading as well as trade between First Nations
  • Treaties – Wampum Belts
  • European Explorers – Cabot, Cartier, De Champlain
  • Motivations for explorers
  • Fur Trade – couriers de bois, Métis, benefits and negatives of fur trade for Europeans and Indigenous groups
  • New France – Missionaries, Jesuits, Citizens in New France (Governor, Intendent), Seigneurs and Habitants
  • Smallpox and Scurvy
  • How the Europeans learned from the Indigenous
  • Comparing childhood as an indigenous child and a New France child
  • Loss of land for indigenous groups (treaties, Indian Act)
  • New France effects on present-day Quebec
  • Benefits and Negatives of contact between Indigenous and European groups
  • 2 Unit Tests for this massive unit
  • Assignments (many research assignments and a culminating assignment)

Strand B: The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

Some of the concepts that are covered:

  • What is citizenship?
  • Rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Canada’s Fundamental Elements – Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, Democracy, Inclusivity
  • Collective Rights (rights of different groups – Indigenous and Francophones)
  • Métis National Council and Métis Nation of Ontario (Self-Government)
  • What is Democracy
  • Representative Democracy vs Direct Democracy (Comparison to Ancient Greece)
  • Why citizens need to participate in Democracy
  • How citizens can participate in government (Town Hall Meetings, Band Council Meetings)
  • Levels of government (Federal, Provincial/Territorial, Municipal and Shared)
  • Responsibilities of each level of government – services they offer
  • Shared responsibilities between levels of governments
  • Which level of government to call if you have an issue
  • Election process
  • Appointed and elected positions in our government
  • Writing a letter to our municipal government about a social issue (bullying, homelessness, etc.)
  • Major political parties in Canada and their platforms
  • Taking action against the government – protest movements
  • Examples of protests – Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, Climate Change, Coastal GasLink
  • Indigenous self-governments (Haudenosaunee, Inuit, and Métis)
  • Consulting and Accommodating Indigenous groups in Canada
  • Climate change and its affect on Inuit communities
  • Evaluating how Canada is doing in correcting climate change
  • How governments are working today to correct climate change (Canadian government and Inuit Self-Government)

***Answer Pages for all worksheets are included

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